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NMEA2000 Adapter

NMEA2000 Adapter

Allows monitoring of engines, tanks, batteries and more.

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Connect your boat's NMEA2000 network with the Vanemar NMEA2000 Adapter for real-time monitoring of engines, tanks, and batteries. Simple, effective, and ready for seamless integration.


  • Requires Vanemar Gateway (Main Hub).
  • Remote monitoring, push alerts and automated phone calls require Vanemar Connect subscription. Sold separately starting from $14.9/month.
  • Free Shipping within the U.S.
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Take Control of Your Boat

Access real-time and historical data from your boat's NMEA2000 connected devices, intuitively displayed on the Vanemar app for complete monitoring.

Engine Parameters

Engine Parameters

Monitor engine performance, including RPMs, hours, and detailed parameters, ensuring optimal operation.



Track your batteries' condition with comprehensive details including voltage, state of charge, health, amperage, and estimated time remaining.



Track all your tank levels – fuel, fresh, gray, and black water – to stay on top of your boat's essentials and plan your trips efficiently.



Control and monitor digital switches on your boat for enhanced convenience and safety.

Vanemar data history chart displaying a graph of battery voltages over time, showcasing the system’s detailed monitoring capabilities.

Visualize Your Journey: Data at Your Fingertips

Dive into detailed historical data with our NMEA2000 Adapter. Track and analyze past trips, viewing trends and insights that help you make informed decisions about your future.

Don't know if your boat has NMEA2000 network? Check out this post.

Technical Specs
Supply Voltage (NMEA 2000 Port)
9 to 30V DC
Supply Current (NMEA 2000 Port)
70mA (avg.) @ 12V DC
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Range (Open space)
30 meters
NMEA 2000 Connector
M12 Male (A polarised) connector moulded into case
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Shop Packages
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Vanemar NMEA2000 Adapter work?

The adapter powers from the NMEA2000 network, sending data wirelessly to the Vanemar Gateway. This gateway processes the data for remote viewing on the app. When connected, the adapter scans all devices on the NMEA2000 network, allowing you to easily configure them through its user-friendly interface

What data can the Vanemar NMEA2000 Adapter monitor?

The Vanemar NMEA2000 Adapter enables you to monitor a diverse range of data from your boat's systems. This includes detailed engine parameters (like RPMs, fuel rate, and engine hours), various tank levels (such as fuel, fresh water, gray water, and black water tanks), battery statistics (voltage, charge levels), and environmental data like wind speed and depth. The adapter’s capability to gather and process this data provides a comprehensive overview of your boat's operational status.

How can I tell if my boat has an NMEA2000 network?

To determine if your boat is equipped with an NMEA2000 network, you can read our informative blog post here: What is NMEA2000 and How toTell If Your Boat Has It

Can I install the Vanemar NMEA2000 Adapter myself?

Certainly. The adapter is user-friendly and easy to install. It comes with all necessary components, including a T connector and drop cable. Simply connect it to your boat’s NMEA2000 network. For guidance on finding your NMEA2000 network, check our blog post: What is NMEA2000 and How to Tell if Your Boat Has It

Can I view historical data using the Vanemar NMEA2000 Adapter?

Yes, through the Vanemar app, you can access and review historical data and trends collected from your boat's systems via the NMEA2000 Adapter.

Does the Vanemar NMEA2000 Adapter require regular maintenance?

No, the adapter is designed to be low maintenance. Once installed, it seamlessly integrates with your boat’s systems and requires minimal upkeep.

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