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Entry Sensor

Entry Sensor

Keeps track of hatches, doors, windows and drawers.

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Expand your Vanemar system with Vanemar Wireless Door Sensor, safeguarding entry points of your boat, and receive instant alerts for any unauthorized access. Vanemar Entry Sensor can be installed in hatches, windows, doors and drawers.


  • Requires Vanemar Gateway (Main Hub).
  • Remote monitoring, push alerts and automated phone calls require Vanemar Connect subscription. Sold separately starting from $14.9/month.
  • Free Shipping within the U.S.
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Know what's happening onboard with Vanemar App

Gain ultimate control over your boat’s safety. The Vanemar app notifies you of any activity detected by the entry sensor, ensuring you're always informed and your boat is protected against theft and intrusion.

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Shop Packages
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Technical Specs
Working Voltage
DC3V (2 x AAA batteries)
Detection Distance
<15 mm / <0.6 inches
Wireless Networking Distance
≤100 m (in the open area) ≤328 feet
Working Environment
-10°C ~ +50°C / -14°F ~ +122°F
Working Humidity
Sensor Body Dimensions
76x36.6x16.5mm / 2.99x1.44x0.65inches
Magnet Dimensions
76x13.9x16.5mm / 2.99x0.55x0.65inches

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Vanemar Entry Sensor work?

The Vanemar Entry Sensor operates by detecting when a door, hatch, or window on your boat is opened. It uses a magnetic contact system: when the magnetic field is interrupted by the opening of an entry point, it sends an alert to the Vanemar Gateway, which then notifies you through the app

Where should I install the Vanemar Entry Sensor on my boat?

The Vanemar Entry Sensor should be installed on any potential entry points to your boat, such as doors, hatches, and windows. It's designed to be discreet and efficient, providing optimal monitoring without interfering with your boat’s aesthetics.

How is the Vanemar Entry Sensor armed and disarmed?

You can arm or disarm the Vanemar Entry Sensor through the Vanemar app. The system allows you to control your boat's security remotely, giving you the flexibility to activate or deactivate the sensor as per your requirements.

What is the battery life of the Vanemar Entry Sensor, and how do I replace it?

The Vanemar Entry Sensor is equipped with a long-lasting battery, typically providing up to 3 years of service. When the battery needs to be replaced, you'll receive a notification through the app. The battery replacement process is simple and can be done quickly, as detailed in the user manual.