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Vanemar's alert system was a lifesaver

“Vanemar warning us about an unnoticed fire in our boat's galley. Thanks to this quick alert, we were able to act swiftly to ensure safety. Extremely thankful for this technology, I've been recommending it to fellow boaters for its effective real-time monitoring.”

Matthew M Malta - 55 ft Motoryacht
Vanemar's alert system truly saved my family

"While I was away, a fire started in the engine room of my boat, where my wife and brother were unaware of the danger. Thanks to the timely alert from Vanemar, I was able to immediately call them and warn them. They managed to respond quickly and avert a potentially life-threatening situation."

Erem Ç. Bodrum - 50 ft Motoryacht
The geo-fence feature from Vanemar has been very useful.

"I was notified once when my boat drifted out of its designated area due to a mooring issue. This early alert allowed me to quickly secure my boat back in place."

Antonio E. 
Antonio E.  Athens - 48 ft Motoryacht
Easy setup

"Setting up Vanemar's wireless sensors was easier than I expected. They've been working seamlessly, providing me with real-time updates about my boat's status. This easy-to-install system offers great peace of mind."

Mike D
Mike D Slovenia - 44 ft Sailboat

Key Features

Track water-level in bilges, unauthorized entry, battery voltage and more with easy to install wireless sensors.

Arm & disarm with a touch

Switch between modes and protect your boat with a single touch. Protection mode automatically creates a geofence around your boat. This mode also arms entry and motion sensors.

Browse location history

Browse your trips and location history, frequently visited places, cruising speeds, and more with just sliding your finger.

Know your boat is right where you left her with Geofence

Vanemar automatically creates a 500 meters wide geofence around your boat's location when you set the mode to "Protection" if the boat moves out of the geofence area system immediately dispatches an alarm.

Track battery voltages

Vanemar Battery Sensors constantly monitor the connected battery or battery groups and alert you if the voltage gets low. You can also browse your battery's voltage history.

Find the Perfect System for Your Boat
Find the Perfect System for Your Boat
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Get high bilge water alerts

Track all your bilges with easy to install wireless bilge high water sensors without wiring and drilling. Get high water alerts in time.

Avoid intruders

When you set the mode to the "Protection" in the Vanemar app, the system automatically arms all motion and entry sensors.

Avoid the worst with smoke sensors

Monitor and get alerted if there is smoke in cabins, galley, or engine room with Vanemar wireless smoke sensors featuring built-in loud siren.

Track ambient temperature and humidity

Vanemar wireless temperature and humidity sensor allows you to monitor the ambient conditions of cabins, engine rooms, wineries, and more.

Turn devices On/Off remotely with smart plugs

Remotely switch On/Off the plugged devices with Vanemar Smart Plug & Power Sensor. The device can also detect 110v/220 availability on your boat.

Share access with family and friends

Add family members, friends, staff with just typing their email without a limit or extra cost.

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