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  • Vanemar DC to DC power adapter
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Adattatore di alimentazione DC

The Vanemar 12/24v to 5.3V DC power adapter.

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From the very begining Vanemar is designed to be easy to install. You can install all sensors in minutes thanks to built-in sticky bands and easy onboarding processes. No holes and drilling needed.

Although the system is designed according to the concept of do-it-yourself and easy installation, please consider getting professional assistance if you are not familiar with the electrical systems of your boat.

For more detailed information, please visit here.

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Description Technical Specs

L'adattatore di alimentazione Vanemar da 12/24v a 5,3V DC.

Vanemar DC/DC Power Adapter
Weight 0.06Kg
Connector Micro USB
Output 5.3V DC
Output Current 3A
Cable Length 1.5 Meters
Input 12/24V DC
Body Size 31.6 x 73.5 x 20.5mm